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1st Pillar

"Hello. Holding the reception and the main reception, I receive you at my home. My Wifi network is at your disposal, if you consume in my lounge-café space. You can read a book from my library on the spot. In my house, you can come with your children from 6:00 in the morning. They sign up for the workshops and it’s over. There is TV, board games and creative hobbies, so that at best they are occupied. As for you, you are free to fulfill your obligations with the support of a cultural professional. Don’t hesitate, ask me questions, I’ll answer them."

According to UNESCO, the “Mexico Declaration on Cultural Policies” defines culture as follows: “Culture, in its broadest sense, is understood as the set of distinctive features, spiritual and material, intellectual and emotional, that characterize a society or a social group. It encompasses, in addition to the arts and literature, ways of life, fundamental human rights, value systems, traditions and beliefs.”

This pillar is the first of the temple. It's the Cultural Centre. It contains in itself, other centres in the form of columns. These columns are made up of discs. These are also centres. All offer services by passionate people in their industry.

To discover the Cultural Centre in more detail, please click on the "Centre" button. Nice visit !

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