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2nd Pillar 

" Hi. Holding the main media, I welcome you to my home by appointment. Itinerant, I am on several sites in French-speaking Switzerland and in France. My older brother helps me. He receives requests on my behalf. Or ? At home, on the Temple site in Moudon. With its WiFi network at your disposal, if you consume in its lounge-cafe area. You can read a book from its library on site. Her house is open from 6:00 a.m. You can go there with your children. They sign up for the workshops and that’s it. There is TV, board games and creative hobbies, so that they are kept occupied as best as possible. As for you, you are free to carry out your obligations with the support of a cultural professional who knows my media services. Don’t hesitate, ask him questions, he answers them. »

According to the CTRNL online site. The mediais the“set of means of mass dissemination of information, advertising and culture, that is to say audio techniques and instrumentsvisual and graphic, capable of quickly transmitting the same message to a large audience.


This pillar is the second in the temple. This is the Media center. It contains within itself other centerss in column form. These columns are made up of disks. These are also centers. All offer services by enthusiasts of their sector.

To discover the Media Center more details, please click the button"Center". Nice visit!

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