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3rd Pillar

"Hello. I am the pillar of skills. Here, I offer you coaching, accompaniment, training and advice. I'll have you at my place on a date. As an itinerant, I visit several sites in French-speaking Switzerland and France. My older brother helps me. He receives applications on my behalf. Where? At his home, on the site of the Temple in Moudon. With its Wifi network at your disposal, if you consume in its lounge-café space. You can read a book from her library on the spot. Her house is open from 6:00 in the morning. You can go with your kids. They sign up for the workshops and it’s over. There is TV, board games and creative hobbies, so that at best they are occupied. As for you, you are free to fulfill your obligations with the support of a cultural professional who knows my services. Don’t hesitate, ask him questions, he answers them. "

According to Josianne Basque, Professor of Educational Technology at TÉLUQ, a member of the Université du Québec network, within the framework of the MAPES project: "A competent person is a person who knows how to act with relevance in a particular context, choosing and mobilizing a dual set of resources: personal resources. (knowledge, know-how, qualities, culture, emotional resources...) and network resources (databases, documentary networks, networks of expertise, etc.). Being able to act with relevance implies being able to carry out a set of activities according to certain desirable criteria (Le Boterf, 1999, p. 38)."


This pillar is the centre of competence. ​The centre is multipurpose and contains within itself, other centres in the form of columns. These columns are made up of discs. These are also centres. All centres offer services by enthusiasts in their field.

To find out more about the relevant Centre, please click on the "Centre" button. Nice visit !

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