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Author, composer and performer specialized in the specific writing of various media, I transcribe the text. Whether it's yours or your company's, I have a primary mission! Delivering your message while respecting and revealing your identity, authenticity and thought. Djeal... your best deal !

Are you an individual, an association or a company ? Are you in the private or public sector ? Writing, translating, reformulating, reading, proofreading, letters are my passion. I express and reveal your works to communicate all your information. It doesn't matter what the support is. Magazines, advertisements, stories, websites, news, stories, free messages, slogans, announcements, presentations, videos, CVs, books and flyers. I transmute your need on paper, then transform it at my fingertips into a work ready to serve. You will discover this at the reception desk at EKriture Llc.

Your projects are developed from A to Z. Perfect match between your wishes, syntax, grammar, type of text, form and layout. My signature is the touch of passion. Indeed, as an artist... I evolve in music rocked by various styles.  These only accentuate the impact of your message.  Bespoke, a personalized choice is offered with or without customer support.  Don't wait any longer ! contact me ! Choose packages that are payable in monthly instalments.  Click on the logo of your choice, each one reveals a work of art.

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Hobbies - Fun - leisures

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