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It all starts with two.

Good morning. I am part of the workshop “Between parents” and it is in our “Rest’o En-K”, that I invite you to take part in thematic discussions, around a dinatory aperitif. Why would you do that? To exchange and share about marital life, the upbringing of children and the daily life of the family. We are interested in your experience in terms of your advice and methods, whether applied or not. But also, to make different friendships. My objective: To be the hinge allowing the establishment of an intergenerational and intercultural cohesion. If you recognize yourself, this is your workshop. Because it is the foundation of my existence. Every last Wednesday of the month. Site of the Temple at 1510 Moudon and site of the Friends in Lausanne. Click on your choice below. Registration is mandatory. Welcome: Monday to Friday 6:00 a. m. to 12:00 p. m. at Rue du Temple 4 in Moudon.

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