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Kool homework helps

Hello to you! My name is Kool and I help you with your homework! No, I’m not talking about supervised homework, but really help! I teach you to learn. I am so cool that I offer you learning methods and techniques. Yes, they are all inspired! I have 3 clear objectives: 1. To teach you to learn. 2. Increase your grades. 3. Reveal the best version of yourself.  If you focus well, you’ll see that it’s great and often easy. You’re not alone.e. Other cool kids are taking part in this workshop! It’s not your school or your home, but it’s your youth center! Your educational center! From Monday to Friday 16:30 to 17:30 at Rue du Temple 4 in Moudon.


PROMOTION! 40% discount per child, for all alumni of KOOL workshops 2019-2023.
PROMOTION! 20% discount per child, for all new registrations.
PROMOTION! 10% discount for the same sibling.

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