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Lymphatic draining massage

Drainage is the process that improves the flow of fluids. It gets rid of your metabolism of toxins, excess waste stored and hidden in your body.  This massage stimulates and clears the lymphatic pathways. Their proper functioning is extremely important. They're related to your immune system. Thus, they influence the aging of the skin, cellulite, stretch marks, perspiration, edema, ... Nourishing, soothing, relaxing, toning, stimulating and preventing, this massage is effective depending on the area to be treated! To test it is to adopt it! Duration 40 min. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 18h30-22h00. Saturday 9h00 – 18h00. Location: Rue du Temple 4, 1510 Moudon.

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massage lymphatique 3.png
massage lymphatique 3.png
massage lymphatique 3.png

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