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Mathematics and Science

Hello to you ! My name is RéfleKtion maths and I help you in the understanding of preschool, school and student mathematics, so academic ! I teach you to learn. I am the help you need through learning methods and techniques. Yes, they are all inspired  ! I have 3 clear objectives : 1. To teach you to learn and understand. 2. Increase your grades. 3. Reveal the best version of yourself. If you concentrate and apply what I teach, you will see that it is great and often easy. From geometry to algebra, through trigonometry and theorems . . . Not to mention the sciences . . . Believe me, you are not alone. e. Others are just like you! It’s not your school, your university, or your home, but . . . it’s your educational center ! Welcome : Monday to Friday 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Rue du Temple 4 in Moudon.

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