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The Cultural 

Hello and welcome. I am the cultural center of EKriture Sàrl. My frimework of action extends across the entire French-speaking geographical area. I am the name given to the red pillar, number 1, and I receive you to the Temple site in Moudon. I am the guardian of culture, traditions and history. Within me, I have unsuspected family treasures. Sprinkles of pure gold that “eye has never seen and ear has never heard”[1]

. The eldest of 3 male, I have my own family who are passionate about culture. Here are my 3 sons. The Art Center, the Leisure Center and the Dining Center. From A to Z, they offer great services for all types of target audiences. For you! Click on one of them and find out what it offers you. As for me, you will find me at rue du Temple 4 in Moudon. It is my DGP who receives you and manages my affairs. From Monday to Saturday, he is in charge of the AKKueil. Nice visit!


[1] Source: Taken from the Holy Scriptures in 1 Cor 2: 1.16 KJV

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